Why You Should Consider Cold Forged Products

The popularity of cold forged products is growing very fast. The main reason for this growth is the many advantages that these parts have over others, such as casting and other forming technologies. If you have been using hot forged or warm forged tools, there are so many reasons why you should consider moving to cold forged products. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider:

Better Mechanical Strength

One of the biggest reasons why most people are going for cold forged products is the high strength that they offer. This is a crucial property for the products that are being used in rough conditions, such as the drilling and milling bits. With the cold forging metals, the grains of the forged metals take the shape of the formed product. The grains are streamlined, unlike the casting forming. That’s how the strength of the product is achieved.

Harder Products

If you want to invest in quality metallic products, you need to consider their hardness. This is a very important property for those buying drilling tools or tools used in rough conditions, including mulching, grinding, and many others. The streamlining of the metal grains after cold forging the metal is one of the factors that makes cold forged products harder.

Improved Surface Finish

The surface finish of the cold forged products is another factor that you need to consider. For the manufacturers, they would like to use a forming method that makes near-net shape products. That’s what cold forged products provide. The cold forging process can make neat net shape products, and sometimes, you might not need to do any kind of finishing.

Higher Tolerance

The tolerance level to a lot of things, including heat, abrasion, and wear, is higher in cold forged products. Because of the hardness and strength properties that cold forged parts offer, they offer higher tolerance. This something most machine uses in drilling, milling, and other cutting machine are looking for.

Better Versatility

The range of application for all cold forged machine parts is large. If you are in the drilling industry, you will find out that cold forged bits can be used for a range of soils. Similarly, in woodcutting, cold forged cutter teeth or blades are super versatile in application.


Last but least reason why you should consider cold forged products is affordability. Compared to other forming technologies, they are cheaper and still offer better quality. So, you will be spending less for the same or even better quality.

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