How To Sharpen Trencher Teeth

One thing you need to learn when in the business of digging trenched is sharpening trencher teeth. This is an important factor to consider because your teeth will always get blunt, and you will need to have them sharpened to keep the machine digging efficiently.

There are several things that you need to know for proper sharpening of the trencher teeth. You need to have the right quality. Therefore, you need to source the teeth from a reputable and reliable supplier. Click for info about one of such trencher teeth supplier and their vast collection of digging teeth.

In this guide, we are providing with step by step guide for sharpening your teeth. Check out the following:

Choose the Correct Tool

Start with putting together all the tools that you need for the sharpening work. This should be the first thing to do. You need to have some of the crucial tools you need, and if you are doing it at home, you need to have the following: manual hand sander, belt sander, angle grinder, disc sander, wet grinder, and a bench mounted sander. If you have special teeth, then you can have the list longer.

Use Fine Grit Sandpaper or Grinding Wheel

Before you can start with the sharpening process, it is important that you clean the teeth. This is crucial because you might be unable to sharpen the cutter tools if they are dirty. You can use water with soap for cleaning, but you also need to remove the grit on the teeth using sandpaper or the grinding wheel.

Keep the Angle

The biggest mistake that you can make is sharpening the teeth at the wrong angle. This is an important factor to consider because you might end up damaging the teeth in the process. The manufacturer always provides information about the sharpening angles. You also need to ensure that you have the right tools to keep the right angle.

Sharpening the Teeth

With the trencher teeth put in the right angle and having all the tools in place, you can start with the sharpening. Make sure that you have followed all the right procedures to ensure that you don’t mess up the teeth in the process of sharpening. After sharpening, remove the burr from the edges for the teeth to work accurately.

Balance the Blades

Now the trencher teeth are ready, and you can put them back into the machine for digging. Make sure that they are balanced for proper trenching.

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