5 Features to Look for In A Road Grinder Machine

5 Features to Look for In A Road Grinder Machine

If you have a road construction project, then you need to get a per road grinder machine for the job. That is the only that you can handle the job within the deadlines and still deliver quality work. But kind of machine do you need? The choice would be determined by the kind of work that you will be doing. However, there are key features that you should look out for when buying a road grinder machine. Here are the 5 main features that you need to look out for:

Drum Drive

The first thing that you need to check is the drum drive because it determines the overall performance and productivity of the grinding machine. The type of drum drive is very crucial while buying a road grinder machine. It can either be hydraulic or belt being the most common. Hydraulic driven drums are more expensive but highly efficient compared to belt driven drums.

Milling Width

What width of the road can the road grinder machine mill at once? This is a critical factor that you need to consider carefully while shopping for these machines. Depending on the size of the track that you will be milling, there are various options that you can pick from. If you are doing big road, go to the milling with that can mill an entire lane. That should make the work easier.

Milling depth

The depth that the milling bits can go is another factor that you need to consider. It is a crucial feature that will also greatly determine the performance and pace of work. If you want mill deeper, then you might need to a machine that bigger milling depth. Otherwise, you might go over the same place a couple of times to get to the depth.

Display Screen

With digitization and automation, most of the functions are controlled on the digital display. That includes most of the parameters as well as the cameras.  Therefore, the digital display is an important factor to consider. Make sure that the quality of the display screen good and can support both day and night operations.

Mobile App Compatible

The road grinder machine is app compatible. That simply means we have a generation of smart road machines. With a mobile app, it simply means that you can control the machine from your smartphone. You can do things like locking doors, switching off the machine, controlling cameras and many other functions on your phone. App compatibility also enables the user to receive alerts in case of breakage or malfunction.


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