4 Factors To Consider When Cold Forging Metal Parts

4 Factors To Consider When Cold Forging Metal Parts

When cold forging metal parts, you need to get several things right. Otherwise, the cost that comes with waste is too high and can run you into huge losses. If you are doing metal forging for the first time or planning to, this guide is for you.

We have rounded up 5 factors you need to consider when cold forging metal parts. These are factors that greatly determine the quality of forged parts. They are also factors that could determine the overall cost of cold forging parts. Check out the following:

  1. What Metals Can You Cold Forge?

One of the things that you need to consider seriously is the metals you can use the cold forge. Cold forging work on metals at room temperature. Therefore, the plasticity deformation force of the metal is one of the things that you need to consider. If the forging pressure is very high, then you need to check if you have a striking system to produce the needed compression force. That’s why it important to understand the kind of metal you want to forge.

  1. Press Machine Size

The other thing you need to consider is the press machine. Cold forging is one of the forming technologies that use compression force to form parts. Most used are the hydraulic press machines. These machines come in all sizes. So you need to know what size of the machine works best for you depending on the kind of metal you want to forge. The biggest mistake you can make is buying a small machine than you need.

  1. Designing and Making

Designing and the making of the dies is another crucial factor you need to consider. For all the cold forging metal parts you will be producing, you need dies. How you design and make them is the most crucial thing. You need machining equipment for the forming of the die. However, you can also opt to get dies for a third party that specializes in making them.

  1. Finishing Machines

The other thing you need to have for cold forging metal parts is finishing tools and machines. Like any forging, the part will come out of the dies with awkward edges, and you need to have them smoothened. So you need to get the finishing equipment to ensure you giving your customers the best quality cold-forged metal parts.

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