Useful Preventative Maintenance Tips for soil stabilization machines

When it comes to maintaining your soil stabilizing machine, there are a number of things that you need to considers. First is the kind of maintenance that you want to undertake. There are various types of maintenance that you can have for your soil stabilizing machines. First, you can opt for the manufacturer’s recommended mode of maintenance. That is where the machine is checked after operating for a specific period.

However, preventive maintenance is highly recommended due to its numerous benefits. First, with this form of maintenance, you don’t have to wait until the machine breaks down or get faulty. But you maintain in advance have the problem prevented from occurring. That makes it easy and cheap to maintain the machine. But how can ensure that you have done the preventative maintenance correctly? Well, here are useful preventative maintenance tips for soil stabilization machines.

Power cleaning

Cleaning a soil stabilizing machine after use is an important preventive maintenance tip. Making sure that the machine is cleaned on a regular basis one of the basic rules of thumb about all machines. It is an effective preventive maintenance approach. Cleaning of soil stabilizing machine should include the engine, the cabin, drum, and the teeth. The cutting system which consists of the drum and is crucial. It should remove dirt, dust, and debris that would accelerate the rate of wear. However, not any kind of cleaning. Power cleaning is the most recommended since it can penetrate to the interior of the machine. It can also remove even the most stubborn debris and dust.

Check cutting blades/cutting system

As mentioned above, the milling machine cutter system consists of the drum and milling bits or blades. This is the system that does the actual mixing of the soil and the additives in the making of the cement. The condition of blades is not good; then you will have a problem with the output of the machine. For the soil stabilizing machine, steel and carbide tipped blades are the most recommended. So for the preventative maintenance to be effective, check the condition of the teeth after every task. Ensure that they are regularly checked for wear and tear ensure they are in their best condition.

Proper Storage

One of the factors that most ignore is the storage of the soil stabilizing machines. Just like cars, these machines must be stored properly. Keep them away from harsh conditions such as direct sunlight, and rain showers. That is is a preventative maintenance tip that you must always have at your fingertips.